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Our Pecan Orchard - Selling Cracked Pecans

Sold out of containers -

Pawnee pecans are resilient trees which can grow in many soil conditions and have a large nut size. The nuts/trees are hardy and can still yield despite cold weather. Their nuts ripen sooner than most other varieties. Pawnee pecans also have thin shells and have around 55 nuts per pound. The pollination type of Pawnee pecans is protandrous.


Kanza pecans thrive in a relatively cold climate and are known for high productivity. Kanza matures early which leads to an early harvest and the pecans shell easily. The genus is also resistant to many diseases that affect pecans thus making it a hardy breed. Kanza can grow equally well in both northern or southern regions. There are around 74 nuts per pound and the pollination type is protogynous.


Chocktaw pecans grow large nuts and produce a large crop. The pecan has a relatively high oil content and its thin shell allows for easy shelling. There are around 40 nuts per pound and the pollination type is protogynous.


Caddo pecans are protandrous pollinators and are a dependable variety because they have little variation in pecan yield between years. Their nuts per pound averages at around 67 and they can be grown in diverse climates. Scab resistance of Caddo pecans is relatively high and they have excellent kernel quality, ensuring the value of your crop.


Nacono pecans are naturally scab resistant with superior nut quality. Nacono can both be sold as a whole nut or can be shelled for intact halves. They have a larger nut than many other varieties and take the spring frosts well. Nut size is about 47 per pound and they are protogynous pollinators.



Lakota Pecans have excellent scab resistance as well as having around 61% of the nut being kernel. The nuts are around average size with there typically being 59 nuts per pound and Lakota pecans are a protogynous pollinator.



Ellis Pecans are known for their scab resistance and being a protogynous pollinator. The nuts are large with there being around 43 nuts per pound and their kernel makeup is 57%. Their yield is high and Ellis Pecans also bear fruit at an early age. 



Kiowa Pecans have limited scab resistance yet produces very large crops. It typically produces 37 nuts per pound and sometimes there is variance in yield year to year. Its kernel to nut percentage is around 57% and it can be pollinated by Desirable, Caddo, and Pawnee pecans. 



Desirable Pecans are protandrous pollinators with a large nut size that is around 48 nuts per pound. Their kernel is 51% of the nut and shell easily. Its scab resistance is relatively poor but it yields consistently and produces high quality, very tasty nuts.

Creek Pecans are protogynous pollinators that produce slightly smaller, more slender nuts with roughly 54 nuts per pound. Their scab resistance is moderate and about 48% kernel. Creek trees will begin to produce nuts roughly 5 years after planting (which is sooner than most other varieties) and are relatively low maintenance trees.

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